Daniel has captured his work in breakthrough innovation practice in the upcoming book Innovation from the Edge. 

In 2008, Daniel published The Future of ICT in Financial Services, the product of a long-term scenario thinking project funded by Rabobank. It explores the future role of information technology in financial services including the opportunities of outsourcing, lifestyle banking, consolidation, and the challenge of a pending global financial crisis. The book details the DTN’s scenario thinking methodology both by describing the final results and by detailing the journey of the executive team to grasp the changing environment. This comprehensive study is the first scenario casebook of its kind.

In 2010 Daniel authored The Future of ICT in 2020: Hidden assumptions and future challenges for the World Conference on Information Technology (WICT), funded by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.


Daniel authored the column The Information Society for The Financial Times Review; the column The Economy of Ideas for Intelligence and for Intermediair ; and the column Hello World for PC-Review. He edited The Journal for Convergence, and the book Reflecting the Internet 1.0: Human and has authored several academic publications in the fields of multimedia, technology, risk management and the Internet.